Our last meet up was during my WEDDING DAY! 18th February 2007. And after 10 years we finally met up again last night. This friend of mine, whom I call bucuk or itik or Aida. . Knowing her since my matrix days in Kolej MARA Kulim. My bestfriend during Uni days and till now and Insyaallah till forever..

We never change much though, in every aspect. Aida still the same Aida 19 years ago. Kawan ketawa, menangis, merajuk, gembira, sedih, merempit, merayau, dan segala ‘me’ lagi. True friends are hard to find. Having one bestfriend is already a great blessing.

I pray for your success in life, may Allah give you good health and always in His rahmah and blessing, ameen… and till we meet again in other occasion ya!


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