Hi all! Surprised with the title of my post? Haha. After 6 years of my last child birth, now I’m at 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. 😂 Rehat panjang kan?

Even though the long good rest, my 3rd pregnancy is way too tiring compared to my previous two’s. Maybe the aging effect (walaupun jiwa muda.. Eh blh gitu 😜). I was having hyperem till the 5th month of pregnancy and till now occasionally I will be having it in the morning.
Other than that, my pregnancy goes well till now without any medical issues, Alhamdulillah & Insyaallah, semoga dipermudahkan hingga ke akhirnya, amin…

Despite the tiredness is overwhelming, I am soooo looking forward to breastfeed again and babywear my baby too!!! Semoga rezeki my dear baby melimpah ruah, amin…


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