Salam & good day everyone! 

It’s been a long time since I posted stories in here. Suddenly rasa rindu pulak! Hehe. 

Last week (29th October 2016) Safiyya’s kindy was having their Hari Bakat & Anugerah. It was like their congregation/graduation day. Safiyya had been practicing for the event for past one month! 

We arrived early and managed to get something for us for breakfast on the way coming to the place. 

Safiyya was the first to perform after the opening ceremony. And guess what, she was performing Joget together with her classmates. 😱 I was impressed! No wonder she had been doing that moves at home especially during her shower time 😂

Ewah! Ewah!

After that joget dance, she had another two performance both were singing & acting. Oh ya! Before I forget, the theme for that day was Desa Tercinta. So all performances were base on this theme. 

Safiyya & her moves in the choir 😎
Desa Tercinta play

Surprise, surprise! Safiyya was the bunga manggar girl during the graduation ceremony! 🙆

Alaaaaa… Shuweeeetttnyerr 😃

All kids got their presents to bring home, so did Safiyya.

What a memory to cherish! Another one more year for celebrating this before she goes to school! Have fun girl! 


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