Hi everyone! Tonight I’m gonna share with you guys about one cosmetic product that has been quite a phenomenon in facebook.. Haha.. Herskin.. Yup.. Herskin..

I’ve been recommended by my sister (who is Herskin agent) to use this product about 1 month ago as what she said, this product is safe without any ‘bleaching’ agent or any dangerous chemical properties. It is solely natural product and soft for our skin and most importantly, this product is good to repair our skin naturally and the good end result (long term use) is flawless skin naturally! And furthermore, it has sijil pengiktirafan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. Baguskan?

So I decided to give it a try as I was looking for a new generation of skin care which will repair my skin from within. I don’t mind for the slow effect of the skin care, as long as it makes my skin healthy and not just putih!



It’s consist of facial cleansing bar, toner, day cream (SPF30) and night cream.

I just want to share one picture to summarize it all. The after picture is about one month use of the regime (consistently ok! )


My skin looks healthier than before, my pores are getting smaller, my skin dryness and wrinkles reducing..Β  AndΒ  most importantly, natural fairness..not white!Β  But my skin still hasn’t achieved level of flawless yet.. Hahah. Sabar… I’ll share with you guys soon.. 😁


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