I wanna give my anak dara a new look.. I was thinking about it while combing her hair yesterday morning.  Now, with a professional touch! Haha.. All this while her hair was only been cut by her dad.. Her hair now dah tunggang langgang, not well trimmed.. Especially at the back… Sigh…

I have no picture of her hair from the back.. Ada ni je..


Alright, I decided to bring her to hair salon after work yesterday afternoon.. Sorry..no picture during the cutting session.. Because she didn’t allow me to.. She wanted to hold my hand through the session . Yup, she scared.. Haha.. She never let go off my hand..

Ohh yaaa.. Forgot to tell you.. I think Bob Cut is suitable for her! And this is the result!! πŸ‘‡


She looks more like amoi to me.. Haha.. Yup.. More fresh look.. Well trimmed.. No more tangled here and there.. Mission accomplished! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

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