Mmm… lama cordiallymama tak menulis.. for past 1 month back memang bz dgn beberapa projek mega yg dibuat bersama mr hubby.. last 2 months bz kuar masuk furniture showrooms and also showhouses.. (nk curi idea)..hehhe. Finally I decided for simple cottage country style deco for my home… project is still going on, but for this this time being, this is the end result… :)))

My living room… Abaikan saje spongebob yg sedang berehat tu. That sofa is my son’s corner.. hehe. The coffee table saje je letak bwh tv cabinet tu, so senang kami anak beranak nak berguling2.. Guest dtg barula letak tgh..heeeeee…

Dining area… dining light tu is the old dining light.. planning nak tukar…soon… lighting2 ni lambat skit sbb nak pikir nak panggil wireman nak settle.. tu yg malas tu… ;p..

My favourite corner.. the aisle…  🙂

Pictures taken by Mr Hubby… tq sayang.. another masterpiece from him is in the making… coming soon… 😉

One thought on “transformation…

  1. hmm cantik..english style.aku tgh mengumpul impian je.bila dpt duk umah tetap pun xtau..pjndah randah mcm org nomad

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