Babywearing…my 2nd passion after breastfeeding. I started to love this thing since I have Safiyya in my womb. It started went I surfing the net bout breastfeeding and accidentally read about babywearing n its benefit. I realize it has become a trend for new parents now but it was actually practiced lonngggggg ago by the native all around the world! Cthnya tgk je la pic kat bawah ni… it’s not a new thingy…

There are 10 reasons or more for us to wear our babies:

1. Wearing baby is convenient

Yup, this is very true! Senangggg sgt utk kita bergerak kemana2 especially in crowded places like malls, pasar mlm. Parents boleh bergerak dgn bebas kemana jua. Plus, kita ada ‘extra hand’ bila ber’babywearing..maksudnya sambil mengendong baby, kita bleh angkat brg, pilih brg, buat kerja rumah etc… 🙂 Tak payah bersusah payah tarik n angkat stroller. During our family vacation ke Langkawi hari tu, takde masalah langsung nak carry Safiyya n Kifli and handle our luggages nak naik ferry…

2. Wearing baby promotes physical and speech development

Carrier ni will act like transitional womb utk new baby utk addaptive dgn new sourroundings. Babies akan follow her mom’s rhythm of her breathing, sound of her heartbeat and her movements. Baby yg premature if regularly wear by her mom, she will grow faster!!Their language vocab and speech development also are faster than babies who are not regularly carry because they heard what their parents are saying and the usage of language and words…

3. Baby wear by sling are more happy n less fussy

4. Babywearing is healthy for moms!

Cuba you all, carry your baby pastu gi briskwalk kat taman…sure peluh. And your babies also happy dapat jalan2 and stimulate her response to surroundings

5. Baby n toddler feels secure and safe when being hold by their mommy

Of course la kan…. 🙂

6. Slings/carrier is a safe place for a child to be

7. Babywearing is fun

8. Babywearing helps you to communicate withur babies/toddler

Antara kelebihannya, kita senang nak identify baby cues, especially baby yg breastfeed. Kita blh tau dgn cpt baby kita nak tido ke, letih ke, lapar etc

9. It’s a bonding tool

Hubungan antara parentdan anak lebih rapat

10. Slings are economical

Choices of sling/carrier yg available ada macam2 dari kain batik, wrap, sling, mei tai, ssc dan macam2 lagi. Terpulang pada individu nak guna yg mana samada nak murah atau mahal… 🙂

Ini adalah 1st sling yg saya cuba… pouch sling.. Masa Safiyya still tiny, saya suka guna pouch, senang nak squeeze in baby Safiyya inside the pouch, but as time goes by and Safiyya putting up her weight, I started to feel backache maybe because pouch sling is a one shoulder type of carrier. Udahla saya ni memang ada masalah pinggang…ngeh ngeh ngeh…

Pouch sling… mummyhugs

survey punya survey, I was kinda interested to try SSC (soft structured carrier). Masa mula2 nak beli, rasa ralat jugak skit sebab pricenya yg mahal.. hehhe. Tapi, ku berkata2 di dalam hati, y dont give it a try. Tak cuba tak tau kan..? 🙂

Cuba punya cuba….akhirnyaI fall in love with this SSC. Now I have 3 SSC at home, 2 from SNUGGbaby, and 1 from Littlepods.. Kalau nak tanya Safiyya, dia suka kot sebab tak pernah meragam bila letak dlm SSC ni…. 😀

My 1st SSC…SNUGGbaby

My 2nd SSC… littlepods

And my latest one…customized from SNUGGbaby…

Looking fwd to learn other types of carrier later… ! 😉

One thought on “I heart babywearing

  1. salam sis…sgt menarik! bleh sis share review among snuggbaby, boba n littlepods yang mana highly recommended dr segi keselesaan, functionality etc

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