An enjoyable Sunday indeed…

My hubs and I were planning to bring the kids for a picnic by the beach a few days ago. With my parents in the house during the weekend , it would be more happening and fun! My hubs suggested Teluk Bayu Beach for our day trip for the weekend… He said that we could have picnic and fishing at the same time! Hmmm.. Sounds fun isn’t it?? 😍

We arrived at the beach around 12pm and we managed to get a nice spot for us.. And before anything else..let’s selfie…! 


A few pictures of the family..




Before lunch, the kids, hubby and abah had activities of their own… 


Hubby and the fishing rod...

My leisure time…

Ooo la laaa.. Tropica...

Then.. Our lunch break…. My mom cooked dishes before coming and so do I!! I made mango pickles and my first ever kuih apam mekar for the trip! Yippee!

Kuih apam mekar
Mango pickles with asam boi...

After 1 to 2 hours of chitchatting, playing and fishing (we were not so lucky ..we couldn’t get any fish), we went home..  Although we were so tired, all of us were having so much fun… And we are looking forward to come again to Teluk Bayu Beach… 😉


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